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Bookworm Update!

See!  How can anyone feel bad after seeing this cutie?!

See! How can anyone feel bad after seeing this cutie?!

So posts have been a little slow here the past couple of weeks or so.  That doesn’t mean the Bookworm hasn’t been hard at work to deliver you awesome content about indie/small published books and authors.

But here’s a picture of a happy baby to brighten your day.

Don’t you feel better now?  Good!

But seriously here’s an update on what’s coming and what you can expect!

  1. Contacted the winner of the Stephen King On Writing Giveaway on Sunday. Waiting till tonight (48 hours) for a response before picking another winner.  In all honesty, the random number generator ended up landing on one of my twitter followers who probably even forgot they were following me and she is probably like “Who the heck is this person and why do they want to give me a copy of a book?”. So if any of you actually know @wendyyoung, let her know that the contest is legit and I will totally send her the book if she wants it.
  2. Upcoming interview with Rosemary Lynch, author of Kainan, should be posted by no later than Thursday.  You can read the Bookworm’s review of Kainan here.
  3. Upcoming interview with Ron Vitale, author of Cinderella’s Secret Diary, should be posted next week.  You can read the Bookworm’s review of Cinderella’s Secret Diary here.
  4. I am currently in the process of a copy edit to help an indie author/mom out.
  5. Currently reading:  Sanctuary by Kris Kramer (for the New Podler Review), Force of Habit by Marian Allen (for Bookworm’s Fancy), Guardian of the Realm by Krystal Mclaughlin (for Bookworm’s Fancy), and Riddle in Stone by Robert Evert(for the Bookworm’s Fancy).

So take heart!  If all goes as planned, the next week or two will have more content than you can shake a stick at!

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Reflections on First Review

English: Reflections on Mablethorpe Beach Peac...

English: Reflections on Mablethorpe Beach Peaceful scene just prior to the snow shower hitting at full belt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I’ve completed my first book review and author interview, I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I now know for sure that I can do this.  At first, I was afraid this was going to be a failed venture.  I thought that my other obligations (work and my three month old son) would prevent me from being successful.Happily, I can say that this is not the case.  In little under a month I’ve accomplished so much:

  1. First book review 
  2. First author interview
  3. Amassed a small following on twitter (*wink**wink**nudge**nudge*)
  4. Become a contributor to The Podler Review
  5. Met many other bloggers who share my passion for books
  6. Met many self/indie published authors

I believe that this is just the beginning to a very long blogging/reviewing journey.  I am already more than halfway through the novel for my second review and have a third and fourth review lined up.  Plus I have a review to do for Podler.  It has been exciting and I think it will only get more so.

So let me end with saying “Thank you for following this bookworm!” and be on the look out for my review of J.D. Hallowell’s Dragon Fate!

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