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Around the Web #6

Written by Erin Eymard

Well, my “AWESOME/GREAT/SHARE” folder is HUGE because I haven’t done a highlight post in a while.  So let me break down some of the awesomesauce (yes, I did make up that word) that is floating around the internet!

41 Flavors of Body Language for Writers6a00e54ed05fc2883301761639e6c1970c-800wi

I’m not sure that I know where to start with how great this article is!  As a reviewer, this article from Amazon’s Omnivoracious Blog started my girl crush on Susan J. Morris.

I’ve run across more than my fair share of authors who just can’t grasp the concept of body language.  And of course throughout the whole of my educational career I had teachers who would mark up our papers with the phrase “Show, don’t tell” but never really explain it.  Susan J. Morris explains it perfectly!

She tackles all the nitty-gritties in a fun, easy to understand way.  I especially love the list of emotions and how to portray them through body language.  Here’s a taste:

-Slumped shoulders (Don’t look at me.)
-Trouble meeting your gaze, looking down and away
-Burying her face in her hands or bowing her head (I can’t face the world right now.)

-Hands covering her mouth, or mouth hanging open, sometimes with a gasp (If I had words, I would be saying them.)
-Freezing and staring with wide eyes and eyebrows raised (Diverting all resources toward staring.)
-Smacking a palm into his forehead (Clearly, my head isn’t working right, or I wouldn’t have seen that)

-Avoids eye contact, or has only fleeting eye contact (Eye contact means you might speak to me.)
-Keeps a fair distance from everyone, and will back away if someone steps closer (Space invaders!)
-Folded arms, head down, and other defensive body language (If I make myself small, they can’t see me.)

Check out the rest of the list at Omnivoracious and also check out Susan J. Morris’s Blog!

a-game-of-proofPaving the Road with Books

Ever wonder what happens to print books that don’t sell?  Author Tim Vicary shares his experiences with his first book “A Game of Proof“.

Tim talks about writing under his female pen name and finding an advertisement offering a signed copy of one his books which it listed as rare.

It is entirely possible that this is only an urban legend or maybe only something they do in the UK but it definitely is interesting.  And it does open up the question as to what are the options for book pulp.

Perhaps the road to hell isn’t paved with good intentions but instead with the hopes, dreams, blood, sweat, and passion of writers.

Interview with Barbara Kyle

blood-between-queensWho doesn’t love a good historical fiction?  I certainly do!

Especially if it set in England pre-1700’s!

Barbara Kyle is the author of the “Thornleigh” series of historical fiction novels set during the Tudor era.  In this interview by Mary Tod of A Writer of History blog, she covers everything from research to series writing.

Her advice to writers of historical fiction?

“I’d say don’t be a slave to academic facts. Readers want characters who feel alive, and that life comes from you giving breath to the characters through your individual and vivid worldview, your distinct vision. That’s priceless.”

For the full interview visit the A Writer of History blog, which has tons of useful information on researching and writing your historical fiction.  You can also visit Barbara Kyle’s website .


I hope you enjoyed this entry of Around the Web!

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