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Around the Web #5

Writer’s Links at No Wasted Ink

Helpful Author Site:

Wendy Van Camp over at No Wasted Ink always has interesting articles and this one  from the end of last month is particularly a gem.

I highly recommend all writers to check out the link for Making them Turn the Page for great advice about tension building as well as the opportunity for a critique of your first page.

And for laughs check out the lousy book covers.  I think my particular favorite was the cover for Wild Nevada Ride.



 Love Springs Eternal

Recently I did a guest post on Omar M. Kiam’s blog of inspiration quotes and their meanings in which I tackle Alexander Pope’s:

Hope springs eternal in the human breast“.

The poet in my has always loved this sentiment.  The historian in me compared it to other great sayings about “hope”.  The cynic in me tried to rationalize it.  In this post, I combine all three in what I found to be an enjoyable little exercise.

I only hope that you enjoy even a fraction as much as I did writing it.  To view the post, click here.

Before You Hire an Editor!

Before You Hire An Editor by Kathleen Dale:

I read a lot of book reviews and more often than not, I come across a reviewer lamenting the lack of professional editing in an indie publication.  Heck, it is usually one of my main complaints.

In my opinion, this is where indie books suffer against professionally (Big 5) published books.  And often this suffering is needless.  

Sure, traditional publishers have tons of money to throw at editing a book.  But that doesn’t mean that indie authors can’t have well edited and formatted books.

Kathleen Dale, a fiction editor, provided a great infograph on whether or not you need a freelance editor.  She also provided great advice on how to get a great edit (whether you do it personally or you get someone else to do it) for your book/novel/novella.  Click on the graph to check out her page!

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