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The Decoy Princess – Book Review

The Decoy Princess

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So this is a little bit of a departure from my normal reviews.  I strive to review and promote indie authors.  I came across this review that I did for Dawn Cook/Kim Harrison’s The Decoy Princess.  It is the first book review that I ever did, so I figure that I’d share it with you guys.  I hope you enjoy!

The Bookworm’s Review

I must admit that when I first picked up this book, I was expecting your typical romance fantasy faire. I was pleasantly surprised. The Decoy Princess departs from the predictable premises and gives the reader an intriguing story. The book follows the adventures of Tess, whose world is turned upside down upon learning that she is not really royalty but only a pawn used to protect the real princess.

The story starts with a decidedly spoiled Princess Contessa (Tess) dragging her steward/body guard throughout the streets in order to shop and find a wedding gift for her future husband. The reader is shown a flighty girl obsessed with the thought of marrying and obsessing over what she views as her inadequacies when it comes to romance. But then the whole story is twisted by an not so chance encounter with a gypsy caravan. This is where we find out that he steward/protector Kavenlow is much more than he seems.

Upon returning to the castle, Tess finds that her betrothed has arrived weeks early. But in a story where no one is quite what they appear to be, the Prince has other plans for the kingdom. He kills the king and queen upon learning that Tess isn’t the crown princess at all and that Kavenlow has been sent to fetch her. Tess must fight her own feelings of shock and betrayal as Prince Garret has sinister plans for his soon to be wife.She escapes the monster who kills her parents only to be pursued by his loyal servant, Jeck, who has a couple of secrets of his own.

The story truly is a chess match on a grand scale. Watching Tess graduate from pawn to player is an amazing journey. I really enjoyed how the author was able to lure me in with a story that was familiar and then take it into a new and exciting direction.  For me the story has major re-read value.

The Bookworm gives this book 5 Stars out of 5.

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Reflections on First Review

English: Reflections on Mablethorpe Beach Peac...

English: Reflections on Mablethorpe Beach Peaceful scene just prior to the snow shower hitting at full belt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I’ve completed my first book review and author interview, I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I now know for sure that I can do this.  At first, I was afraid this was going to be a failed venture.  I thought that my other obligations (work and my three month old son) would prevent me from being successful.Happily, I can say that this is not the case.  In little under a month I’ve accomplished so much:

  1. First book review 
  2. First author interview
  3. Amassed a small following on twitter (*wink**wink**nudge**nudge*)
  4. Become a contributor to The Podler Review
  5. Met many other bloggers who share my passion for books
  6. Met many self/indie published authors

I believe that this is just the beginning to a very long blogging/reviewing journey.  I am already more than halfway through the novel for my second review and have a third and fourth review lined up.  Plus I have a review to do for Podler.  It has been exciting and I think it will only get more so.

So let me end with saying “Thank you for following this bookworm!” and be on the look out for my review of J.D. Hallowell’s Dragon Fate!

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