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Around the Web #1

Naomi Musch

Naomi Musch


Check out The Reader’s Realm Interview: Naomi Musch.  Her list of books on the craft of writing (the last question) is full of gold nuggets for authors.

Her advice to authors just starting out is also a jewel:  “Writers must first be readers. Now let’s narrow that down. There are hundreds of great lessons to learn from reading, but one of the more difficult is to learn how to craft story beginnings that are able to hook readers interest without resorting melodrama.”

Naomi Musch is a historical romance writer published by Desert Breeze Publishing.  She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and enjoys being close to her five children and three grandchildren.

Patrick Rothfuss and Leigh Evans

TOR Article:

Here’s a wonderful jewel of an article written by Leigh Evans for TOR.  In the article she illustrates the advice from Naomi that I highlighted about authors must first be readers.  It was Patrick Rothfuss’s Name of the Wind that inspired her to write a letter to Rothfuss detailing how much she liked the book.

And just to show you that not all published authors are necessarily jerks, Rothfuss actually wrote her back and encouraged her to try her hand at a career in writing. Leigh’s first book Trouble with Fate was released in paperback in December 2012.

*Patrick Rothfuss also is the founder of Worldbuilders, which is definitely worth you checking out.

Online Writer’s Conference

Online Writer’s Conference:

IndieReCon is free online writer’s conference that will take place February 19-21 2013.  How does it work?  Every hour on the hour for 8 hours a day, they will highlight a different topic concerning independent publishing. 

Topics range from the very basics to marketing to industry interviews.  Here’s the link to the schedule of topics.  Anyone interested in independent publishing should sign up today!