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Author Interview – Rosemary Lynch

Rosemary Lynch

Rosemary Lynch – author of Kainan

Hello, Fellow Bibliophiles!  Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you all (or as we say in Louisiana “Ya’ll”) to Rosemary Lynch, author of Kainan: The Deragan Sword Prophecy.  You can read the Bookworm’s review of the book here.

Bookworm:  So what inspired you to write the story?

Rosemary Lynch: I had an amazing dream one night and wrote a rough first chapter.  Three years later, I came across it in a box I was unpacking after recent move.  I read it, and thought  “wow did I write that!”.  The inspiration for the rest of the book came in further dreams, as well as ideas as I walked in the woods with my dogs.

My husband actually gave me the idea for the base of the whole story.  We are very close, soul mates and best friends.  And there is lot of us in Kainan and Arweyn, my two main characters.

Kainan, the story, has evolved and changed enormously since the first draft.  I love how Kainan and Arweyn have grown, in character and in strength, from chapter one, book one, to the final chapter in book three.

Bookworm:  The Gorzars are particularly nasty.  What led to their creation?

Lynch: The Gorzars, what can I say!  I wanted a powerful enemy, one that brought fear to people’s hearts at their very name.  I wanted them to remain human to some extent, but have that nasty, scary, blood-thirsty image.  I think I succeeded!

Bookworm:  From idea to print, how long did it take to publish?

Lynch: From picking up the chapter again, I think about two years.  I worked on it in the evenings and before work, sat in the car park!  I love the world of fantasy, magic, dragon, elves, faeries and so on, so my story became my own adventure, my escape from the real world and I loved every minute I was in there.

It was only after people at work had insisted on reading it, that I had ten proof copies printed.  To be honest I was a little reluctant to share my world at first!  Anyway, the books disappeared for a month as they traveled around the office and out to peoples family and friends.  I had such a great response that I thought, why not give it a go.

Bookworm: What do you read for leisure?

Lynch:  Now that is tricky, I am extremely fussy, this being one of the reasons I wrote my own story!  If a story does not grab me in the first chapter, it is doomed.  Obviously fantasy.  Terry Goodkind and Terry Brooks are my favorites.  I also like Maria Snyder’s books.  I have just read a romance book, which I quite enjoyed, so I might download another one of those!

Bookworm:  Tell us about your other works.

Lynch:  I have book 2 in the Deragan Sword Prophecy call Meladrom, which sees Kainan and Arweyn go beyond the boundary, awaken the dragon and search for their lost Empire.  I am in the process of editing and finalizing book 3, Analise, which I hope to release soon.

I have also written another romantic fantasy call the Wizard and the Witch, but I have pulled that from the shelf for the moment as I intend to do a revamp on it.  My current projects include a spin off from Kainan, and a young adult adventure series, but those are in the early planning stages.

Bookworm: If you could live anytime, anywhere in history, where would it be and why?

Lynch:  If I had to pick one time in our current history, it would have to be the medieval era, but only if I was royalty, and lived in a great castle!  The medieval era is both romantic and harsh depending on which side of the fence you lived on.  The Arthurian legend is my all-time favorite, whether true or not, and that is where I would happily place myself.

Bookworm:  Do you have any advice for authors who wish to self-publish?

Lynch:  To take your time, I have learnt that getting over excited and publishing too early can be a big mistake.  Be prepared to spend many hours on the internet, looking for places to advertise your work such as, twitter, facebook, and Goodreads.

Be aware that at times it can be upsetting; people are not always kind with their comments.  I am new in the world of writing, and although it is very upsetting to receive a negative comment, I do try to find a positive by using it to improve my work.  A good thing about self-publishing is that you have total control, and you can re-work and up-date your book at any time.

I am always happy for someone to email me, or let me know if something particularly annoys them.  For instance in my first edition of Kainan, he used to call her Honey as a term of endearment, but it annoyed so many people I took it out!

On the plus side, it is so rewarding when you touch someone’s heart with your words, and they tell you how much they enjoyed your story and how they cannot wait to read the next one.  I had one young girl tell me that Kainan, helped her get through her exams at school ~ that email I have to say made me cry!

As I tell myself every day, everyone’s tastes are different, one person may love your book, another hate it ~ that is the world of publishing, and quite frankly if everyone liked the same books and stories it would be very boring!

If you love writing as I do, you will continue no matter how many hurdles you come across, if you fall, you will pick yourself up and carry on.  To hold your first paperback copy in your hands is so exciting and so rewarding after all the months and sometimes years of work.  Even if I never become top of the charts, I know my family is proud of me, and that is the best reward in the world.

You can visit Rosemary Lynch’s website by clicking here.   You can read my review of Kainan: The Deragan Sword Prophecy here. If you like what you read here, be sure to follow us on twitter@ErinEymard and Google Plus.

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Kainan – The Deragan Sword Prophecy by Rosemary Lynch (Book Review)

On the morning of his twenty-first birthday, Kainan is enjoying the quiet serenity of the forest around the village. His reverie is broken as he is greeted to the sight of his village burning and its inhabitants savagely butchered. He is captured by Gorzars, savage creatures who hold his mother hostage. Kainan is commanded to retrieve the Ardor Crystal from a place he never heard of. But retrieving the Ardor Crystal isn’t the end of Kainan’s tribulations.

Kainan by Rosemary Lynch

One of the things that I love most about this book is the opening. I love how the author starts the story in media res. She does a great job of drawing the reader into the story.

In true old fashioned fantasy form, the good guys are good and the bad guys are evil. The reader has no problems cheering on the good guys and wishing the defeat of the bad guys.

Though the dialogue seems a little forced or cutesy at times, Lynch has created great interplay between her characters. The story that the author has created is, at its core, original and unique.

Unfortunately Lynch tries to accomplish too much. Rather than focusing on a handful of fantasy staples and working on making them unique and memorable, the author numbs the reader with almost everyone one of them in existence. I almost feel as if this book could have been broken into two parts.

This story is littered with formatting and grammatical errors which take away from its readability. All in all I really did enjoy reading this book and would love to give it a better rating but the above issues make this a 3 star read. With a story edit and a copy edit, this could be a 5 star book.

The Bookworm gives it 3 out of 5 stars.

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