Around the Web #3 – Book Review Edition

So for this issue of Around the Web, I’ve decided to focus on book reviews by other reviewers.  I can’t review every book that is written, but I can give you as many quality reviews as possible.

Crimson & Cream:

Check out The Fantasy Book Review’s review of C.M. Skiera’s Crimson & Cream.

What I especially like about this review is that Alison Mirabella of FBR addresses the common fear of readers wishing to purchase self-published books.  Self-published books have a reputation (some of it justified but much of it not) of being poorly edited and designed.  Crimson & Cream is neither.  In fact Alison goes on to say:

“….this book is an amazing example of the quality that should be expected from any self-published novel: the cover was professional, there were no discernable errors, and the writing was on par with many published authors. So, for anybody looking to self-publish, this book should serve as a model of how to do it right.”

For the full review, please visit The Fantasy Book Review!  Also, please visit C.M. Skiera’s blog by clicking here!

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation


There is no doubting that Isaac Asimov was one of the pillars of early science fiction.  He is also an author that I more often than not enjoyed immensely.  So I was pretty stoked to come across this recent review of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation.  And by recent I mean like January 23, 2013.  I always think it good to occasionally take a break and go back enjoying the basics of science fiction/fantasy.

Remember a time when the most common themes and plot devices were still shiny and new to you?!  Seems like forever, huh?  To me that’s what authors such as Asimov, Wells, and Huxley represent.

So check out what Wendy Van Camp had to say about this early science fiction masterpiece!

Read the END First


So I came across a review on the Exquisite Corpse of Read the END First. The first thought that came to mind was “Yuck….an anthology about the end of the world.”  My second thought was “Yuck….horror.”

In my opinion there are only two authors worth reading when it comes to either horror or apocalypse:  Stephen King and Robert McCammon.  King’s The Stand and McCammon’s Swan Song are my two all time favorite apocalypse stories.  McCammon’s Usher’s Passing is one of my favorite dark, dirty reads of all time.

But reading Tracie McBride’s review actually made me want to pick up this anthology.  What an ingenious idea!  Twenty-four (24) apocalyptic stories, each one set in a different time zone!  Tracie’s review gives the readers enough information to pique our interest while holding back everything that will scare the pants off of us.  I can’t wait to read this!  You should check out Tracie McBride’s Exquisite Corpse blog for more goodies!

Hope you enjoyed this issue of Around the Web!  Check out ATW#1 and ATW#2 for more goodies!  As always, follow us on twitter!


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